The importance of feed-back

As a self-published author, all feedback on my novel is important to me. While I confidently published my book, The Mystery of Nida Valley, and have worked hard at selling it, I guess in my sub-conscious mind I sometimes still feel a bit of a fraud. Why? I guess because when I say that I have independently published to some people, they suddenly lose interest in the fact that I have a published book. The praise it received from publishers, editors and experienced authors, both before and after, should negate that feeling, but sometimes it doesn’t. With independent publishing becoming more common, I wonder how long it will take people to get used to the idea that self-published does not mean it is not as good.

But on the plus side, on our trip there were two twelve year-old girls and I just happened to have a couple of my books with me (as you do). I gave the books to them to have a look at and the next day their parents bought the books. One mother said she couldn’t get it out of her daughter’s hands and she wouldn’t stop reading even to go sightseeing. She read it in two days and said it was the best book she had ever read. The other girl was in the middle of another book at the time, but when she started reading mine, I got the same feedback from her and her parents.

I have had the same reaction from the kids at the schools where I have conducted author talks; the feedback has been wonderful from them and from teachers. The teachers love the fact that the children are learning about the animals as well as being engrossed in reading the story. Their reaction goes a long way to helping boost my confidence.  So how do I get this information to the rest of the children in Australia? Slowly, I guess – one school at a time. Once I have sold the amount I printed, maybe I won’t allow the reaction of others to affect me so much.

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  1. Dimity Powell
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 23:50:15

    Thought provoking post Elaine and timely reminder of who you / we are really writing for. It gladdens and warms the very cockles of my heart to know that I have reached even one young soul and given it joy. American publisher guy misses out, not you. Slowly slowly catch the monkey…


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