Your children will love this book

Sir Princess Petra by Diane Robinson

Petra is a princess – but not just an ordinary princess. Petra has ambition. Bored with her usual gifts of frocks and jewellery, when her birthday comes around and she can choose what she wants, Petra decides she wants to be a Royal Knight. Her astounded parents turn in hope to the royal rulebook to find a way out of this dilemma. But alas, there is no rule that says she can’t be a Knight.

Hoping to discourage her, her father tells her of the challenges she must face to achieve her lofty ambition. To his utter amazement, she decides that she would rather hush the howling dragon in the Forest of Doom than one of the other alternatives – eat a bag of onions.

How Petra completes this deed and the events that follow will have the reader laughing and cringing in turn.

Sir Princess Petra is an enchanting, fun story that I’m sure children will love. But it is a fun story with a deep message. It is a story of belief in yourself, courage to face adversity to achieve what you want to be, and how kindness and understanding are better than brute force and fighting.

The writing is lively and well executed and the illustrations are skilfully drawn and add to the story’s appeal.

I will certainly be buying this book for my granddaughter. She will love it.

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