Jessie’s Ghost

This Australian author has written and intriguing ghostly tale.

Review Jessica’s Ghost by Penny Garnsworthy.

When eleven year old Jessica is forced to spend a week at her grandmother’s during the holidays, she is convinced it will be boring, like every other time she has been there. But this is far from the truth. This visit is different in more ways than one. The arrival of an artist neighbour and her daughter makes her stay more interesting, but it is the family mystery that gets Jessica excited. Voices in the night, strange glows, a mystery to be solved, and a past wrong to be made right, make this holiday one she will always remember.

This is well written tale of mystery and ghosts, but there is another layer to this story. It is also a story of loss and relationships. Having lost her parents and now living with her older sister, Jessica is appalled at the disdain her new friend, Harmony, shows to her mother. Jessica’s attitude shows a maturity that her older friend has not yet reached. As different as day and night, the girls unite to solve the mystery.

The author handles the suspense well. Once it starts, it carries the reader through the tale, glued to the pages, as the mystery is unravelled. But it doesn’t stop there. Even after the mystery is solved, we are once again pulled into the story as our heroine works out a way to right a past wrong and bring peace to her ghostly visitors. Suitable for early readers, this is a story that will be enjoyed by all who read it.

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