Review by Cecilia Jansink of the Confessions of a Booky Monster blog.

This only landed in my review pile less than 24 hours ago and from the very start the concept had me intrigued. I didn’t so much read this as devour it.

Ashwin has taken our present reality and twisted it into a future that is both horrifying and transfixing. A superb mix of corruption, mind blowing science, love and fear; The Mask of Deceit will leave you puzzling over the fact that this could very well become reality and leave you with questions long after the last page is turned.

Anton is a strong lead who will soon have you feeling as though his footsteps and battles are indeed your own and will immerse you fully in his plight. The many layers of corruption and conditioning will leave the reader wondering just what “truths” are indeed real. The descriptive scenes are visually stunning to the piont you can almost feel and smell the sanitiser on your own skin.

The writing style is fresh and fast paced and Ashwin has truly nailed all that is delightful about Spec-Fic with her own unique twist. In fact, the authors own comments in the press release sum this novel up beautifully. When asked her motivation for the novel, Ashwin replied “I set out to write a quest book with a modern theme. At the time, there was a lot of political talk about GM food and superbugs so I used these in a speculative fiction context. I wrote about the science that is happening in the 21st century and what it would be like if it were to go awry.”

Quite frankly in my opinion she has nailed it. This is a novel that should be on everyone’s TBR list.


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