Here is what one of the participants of the weekend workshop had to say.

Elaine’s first two-day intensive workshop on creating memorable characters was a huge success. As one of the participants, and a writer of many years’ experience, I was dubious that I would learn much new information about developing characters, but I soon found I have much more to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The sessions were excellently planned and executed with a well-balanced blend of information and practical exercises. I have never enjoyed a writing workshop so much. I will create and describe my characters with a great deal more confidence now, knowing how to make them leap off the page and grab the attention of the readers.

The workshop is now available on-line. Just go to the website  and to the CREATING MEMORABLE CHARACTERS page to find out how to download the workshop notes. The cost is way too cheap, but Elaine says she wants to make it affordable for all. If you want to improve your writing, download it today. You won’t be sorry.

Ron Day

The next workshop TURNING AN IDEA INTO A STORY is Saturday April 6th from 10 am to 3 pm, if you are attending in person. It will be on-line from that date as well.


Want to learn more about writing without paying so much it breaks the bank? Here is your opportunity.

The demand for writing workshops has increased as more and more writers strive to be accepted by publishers, or to self-publish. The clever ones know that to make it in this business, you have to be the best you can be. Our local workshops are always full and some of the writers in other areas have asked about Skype or Internet workshops. So Gondor Writers’ Centre has decided to put the sessions on the website with access to anyone who books.

After payment of the low fee of either $55 for the content of an eight-hour intensive workshop or just $25 for the content of four-hour workshop. You will be given a unique password that allows you to go to  the workshop page. There you will find a Power Point presentation, with voice-over, of the workshop, and worksheets to download. These worksheets can then be emailed to the tutor for comment and editing. There is no time limit to finish the assignments.

The first workshop, CREATING MEMORABLE CHARACTERS  is March 2nd and 3rd. It will be available on-line on March 6th. You can choose to do just one or all of the workshops. So go to the workshop page choose the ones that interest you, and book yourself in by choosing the relevant Pay Pal button.

If you’re local to the Capricorn Coast, you may choose to attend in person. There are a couple of places left for the first workshop, so book now.

They can help you become the best writer you can be, and achieve your dream of being a published author.

But don’t use just your experiences, morals, and values. You’ll discover how to leave them behind and become your character.

Can you detach yourself from your own personality and become the person you are writing? The course will cover how and why you should do that.

Make sure each of your characters is different from the other. You will be studying personality types to make sure you know how to do this.

There is nothing worse than getting half way through a book and finding the hero acting in a way that is totally out of character or speaking in a manner that is different. The course will look at ways to avoid doing that.

How to combine quirks of behaviour, speech patterns, and mannerisms of the people around you.

MAKE EACH OF YOUR CHARACTERS ACT DIFFERENTLY IN ANY GIVEN SITUATION – This is true in real life and should be in your story. It is not enough for you to be  able to develop different personalities; you have to ensure you know how they  would react in all situations. You will write a scene from the view-point of people with different personalities that you study.

THE PROFILE OF A KILLER – You’ll be looking at the profile of people who commit violent crimes and what motivates them to commit these acts.

DEVELOPING A STORY IDEA – Before we start creating characters, we need to have a story to fit them. There is no good creating a bunch of characters and then finding they don’t fit our story.  The course will take you through some simple steps to create a story.

CREATING YOUR UNIQUE CHARACTERS – Now you get to the fun part – creating the characters to fit your story.

WRITING THE FIRST TWO PAGES TO INTRODUCE YOUR CHARACTER TO YOUR READER –  You’ll be asked to put to the test what you have learnt and  write the first two pages of your story to introduce the character and their situation.
From this beginning,  you are asked to write a story or section of your novel, up to 2000 words and send it to the tutor for comment.

There is still time to book. Go to the workshop page to make your booking.

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