Here is what one of the participants of the weekend workshop had to say.

Elaine’s first two-day intensive workshop on creating memorable characters was a huge success. As one of the participants, and a writer of many years’ experience, I was dubious that I would learn much new information about developing characters, but I soon found I have much more to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The sessions were excellently planned and executed with a well-balanced blend of information and practical exercises. I have never enjoyed a writing workshop so much. I will create and describe my characters with a great deal more confidence now, knowing how to make them leap off the page and grab the attention of the readers.

The workshop is now available on-line. Just go to the website  and to the CREATING MEMORABLE CHARACTERS page to find out how to download the workshop notes. The cost is way too cheap, but Elaine says she wants to make it affordable for all. If you want to improve your writing, download it today. You won’t be sorry.

Ron Day

The next workshop TURNING AN IDEA INTO A STORY is Saturday April 6th from 10 am to 3 pm, if you are attending in person. It will be on-line from that date as well.

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