If you love sci fi/fantasy you’ll love this book

The Princess and The Pirate – Book one of The Knights of Katesch

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02 19 13 cover new FRONTToday I have the pleasure of interviewing Royce Bond, author of the sci fi/fantasy novel The Princess and The Pirate – Book one of The Knights of Katesch a swashbuckling adventure of a Pirate, a Princess, and their followers as they fight to save the universe from evil forces.

Synopsis: These are the chronicles of the Knights of Katesch, who for time out of memory have fought the wizard Maligor, across all the dimensions of the known universe.

After the death of her mother Hibana, one of the famed Knights of Katesch, at the hands of a Kladath assassin, Princess Hepzebah faces the fight of her life. As the new queen, she has inherited her mother’s powers. The space pirate Captain Sergio runs the blockade to bring an unearthly army to fight the last battle against Maligor’s hordes. He has plans for this young queen, but his plans are hijacked and they are thrust into an inter-dimensional battle for the future of the known universe.

Q. What are the greatest obstacles you’ve experienced on your writing journey?

Tiredness. When I’m tired, I can’t write.  

Q. What do you love most about writing books f?

a) Creating worlds that I love slipping into myself and sharing these worlds with others.

b) Seeing and hearing the response of my readers.

Q. Have you had work previously published?

Yes, I have had 3 children’s science books, and 8 teacher reference books published, as well as dozens of magazine and newspaper articles.

 Have you won any awards?

 I was the first Queenslander and the first teacher from the bush to win the National B.H.P./C.S.I.R.O. Science Teacher’s Award.

Q. Is there anything special that you have done that a reader might be interested in?

I think my writing is my greatest achievement. I have created a world filled with exciting adventures that I hope will hook you in and not let you go until the book is finished and when it is finished you will breathlessly ask for more.

Q.  Other than writing, what else do you love?

My family, medieval re-enactment, gardening, making cheese, cooking, astronomy, playing the Irish whistle (or trying to play it, while not scaring the cats away), travel, kite flying, archery, telling stories, and much more.

Q. What were you in a past work life (if anything) before you became a writer?

a) Farm labourer

b) Storeman and packer in a furniture shop

c) Bank teller

d) Justice Clerk in the court house

e) Full time student

f) Wardsman

g) Preacher

h) Cleaner

i) Disability Program Officer

j) Painter

k) Teacher

Q. Describe your perfect day.

a) Wake before dawn in the middle of winter

b) Fire up my cob oven

c) Sip hot home brewed coffee in front of the fire while watching the sun rise.

d) Cook my breakfast in the oven

e) Spend a couple of hours writing

f) Work in my vegetable garden, have lunch

g) Afternoon sleep

h) More gardening

i) Cook dinner over the fire (I have a medieval fire place)

j) Watch movies with my family

Q. What five words best sum you up?

a) Loving, kind, loyal, future thinking


Thanks for taking the time to visit, Royce. Good luck with your book and your school tour.

 Thanks for asking me to visit. I hope I can inspire others to pursue their dream of becoming an author.

 Best wishes,


The Princess and the Pirate is available from your local bookstore.

Signed copies are available from the MPA website.


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