A review from the UK for Kate

Dinker Bear coverReview by Debbie Cullen

Author of The Dinker Bears series.


Kate by Kevin Burgemeestre

kate coverTwo young lives, Kate and Mal, from two totally different backgrounds, are bought together by one small act. From then on, their lives are inextricably intertwined as the two are forced together because of Mal’s past.

Kate’s life had been tainted with sadness, but was a fairly normal young girl’s life. Mal, on the other hand, had a very traumatic life for one so young and was living on the edge.

When Kate rescues a pathetic looking dog, tied up and injured outside a rough looking property, she meets Mal for the first time when she knocks on his door to ask about the dog and finds him rude, rough and a bit scary. She decides the dog needs care and steals him and takes him to be cared for at the local pound.

Unbeknown to Kate, Mal’s unsavoury past meant he was being watched by some rather nasty characters, and now, she was too.

They meet again when Kate is attacked in the park; Mal comes to her rescue. An unlikely friendship develops and Kate finds herself warmed towards this rough character, but soon his past catches up and Kate is embroiled into a world she didn’t know existed. Before she can gather her thoughts, she’s thrown into fear and confusion as she and Mal, end up running for their lives.

At first, I found this book a little difficult to get into. I found the authors way of writing a little confusing, but once I was able to connect, I enjoyed the read and the story flowed better.

It kept me reading and wanting to know what happens next, especially toward the end when it seemed impossible for them to escape.

It’s fast moving so no time for page skipping.

I’d like to know what happened to their friendship afterwards, how they managed to stay friends and where they’re at now; always a sign of a good book when the characters stay with you once you’ve turned the last page!

I would recommend this book as it covers quite a few spectrums, from loneliness to loyalty and friendship and from regret, failure and anger to achievement, self-worth and encouragement.

An exciting journey from the city to the Australian outback, told in a way that will make you feel you’re there.

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