The life and times of Adem Besim

His powerful, emotive, Younadem 1 croppedg Adult novel, My Unforgettable Year, is about a year in the life of a youth growing up in Kyabram. It covers many issues that teens in our society are facing and has many important messages for its teen readers – messages on dealing with peer and parental pressure, raising awareness to report bullying, the serious dangers of drink-driving, suicide prevention, binge drinking, and dealing with loss and first love. It is written in the first person voice of a 17 year-old boy.

When I asked Adem if the story was autobiographical, he told me, ‘There are certain similarities between my protagonist, Nathan Thompson, and myself. It’s not long since I was his age and we were both born and raised in Kyabram. The way he sees some things is also the way I do, or did at his age. We’ve both had our own set of obstacles. Some of the people who read my earlier drafts of the novel told me that he sounds like me – which was to be expected. The story is not my story, but I think that there is a part of every author in their characters, because the characters are a part of them.’

When I asked him about his background, he told me, “I have lived in Kyabram, Vitoria since the day I was born.

“I am the youngest of four – I have two older sisters and a brother. While my family and I were born in Australia, my ancestors are of Albanian and Cyprian descent.

“I am studying full-time for a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at Bendigo TAFE. In the past, I have studied for a Certificate 3 in Fitness and worked at two different supermarkets. I guess my journey as a writer began when I was 14-years-old and started writing stories in a large notebook. I didn’t finish my first one until I was 15.

“Writing a novel was always my biggest goal, which is what I focused on for a long time.

“I guess the most interesting thing about my life growing up is that I was an outspoken rebel at school. I was always turning up late and getting detentions – I was suspended twice. I had no desire to work or start driving when I turned 16. I was the opposite to my three older siblings. I even had someone say to me, ‘You’ll never amount to anything.’

“After I finished school, I had to find my way in the world and felt pretty lost. Getting a job and making money gave me a better sense of independence and maturity – and learning to be on time! But my passion has always been to write books and get them published. This is definitely a dream come true.”


This is a coming-of-age story about triumph and tragedy, love and loss, acceptance and letting go.

Life’s looking pretty awesome for 17-year-old, Nathan Thompson. He’s the goal-kicking superstar from the small town of Kyabram. Nathan’s in his final year of school and has big plans set for the future; like winning the Thirds’ premiership cup, acing his Year Twelve exams, and finally graduating. One problem – his tough and over-bearing father, Mark, has other plans for him. He desperately wants Nathan to be the next AFL player to come out of Kyabram.

He seems set to stop Nathan from following his dreams of studying architecture at university. But a thirty-year-old secret of Mark’s that resurfaces on Nathan’s 18th birthday changes everything. Will it force Nathan and his father further apart or help them reconcile their fragile relationship?

On top of that problem, Nathan’s year gets worse as he deals with death, bullying and first love.

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