New book for horse-loving kids

marble horses cover front new

Opal Dreaming – The Marble Horses by Jennifer Crane.

Sunshine Coast author, Jennifer Crane, has released the second children’s fiction novel in the Opal Dreaming series titled Opal Dreaming The Marble Horses. The story is set in Ancient Athens and follows on from The Bronze Horses, which is set on the Eurasian Steppes. The Opal Dreaming series traces the evolution of horses and riding from the Bronze Age to the modern Olympics, through the dreams of the thirteen-year-old Australian girl, Erin.

Jennifer is an experienced horse rider and competitor and explains, ‘Horses and horse riding have played a pivotal role in our own cultural advancement. Many horse management and riding methods used centuries ago are still used today. So my stories aim to meld the historical and modern to provide an understanding of equestrian knowledge in an entertaining format that children can relate to, and if they are riders themselves, use.’

Jennifer’s first published work was ‘Spillover: A Memoir’ about the death of her horse to Hendra Virus in 2006. She has also had a number of her children’s short stories published and received minor awards for her writing.  Jennifer is currently studying a Master of Letters in Creative Writing and Literature through Central Queensland University.

Jennifer’s daughter, Jaclyn Crane, who is studying graphic design at Sunshine Coast University, has designed the cover artwork for both The Bronze Horses and The Marble Horses. Jaclyn recently won a highly competitive national student design award for an imaginary issue of the esteemed design industry publication, DG Magazine.

SYNOPSIS: The Marble Horses

Thirteen year old Erin loves horses and riding. After dreaming of the Bronze Age horses, she is starting to like history. Now curious about Ancient Greek horses, Erin again drifts into an opal dream.

Agis, a teenage boy, travels alone from Sparta to Athens where Diodorus gives him work at the stables. Agis earns the trust of a vicious black stallion, but is targeted by the jealous, Tellus. When the stallion escapes, Agis is suspected and threatened with punishment of death or slavery. Will Agis keep his freedom and survive to fulfil his dream of riding a horse?

When Erin wakes from her dream, she realises she can use what she has learnt about horses from the Ancient Greeks.

The Opal Dreaming series books are available from Books of Buderim and Rosetta Books Maleny, Australian Writers Rock Eumundi Markets, direct from Jennifer and from Morris Publishing Australia at

For more information or for an interview, please contact Jennifer on 07 54949 24/ mobile 0434726703 or email or Elaine Ouston,  Morris Publishing Australia on 54 981 332 or at

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