Make this your year

DSCF3005I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year; a nice break, a bit of free time to rest, catch up with family, read those ‘must read’ books you’ve been piling up all year; or time to write. We so often get caught up with pleasing others that we forget to do the things that feed our soul. I know that writing feeds mine. I have decided that this is the year I take time for me; to do some more writing, as well as help others achieve their dream of doing the same.

Often we put off what is important to us. But a happy life is about balance. Time to nurture others and time to nurture yourself. Don’t get caught up thinking that you’ll get there “one day”. Because life is short. And if you don’t make time now, then “one day” may never come. If you have ambitions to be a skilled writer, take the first step to learning all you can and start your journey. Make this your year to invest in your future and achieve your dreams.

My partner Ron Day and I are excited to announce that a purpose built writing and illustration workshop venue will soon be constructed on our property near Kilcoy. Here you will be able to retreat to the beautiful countryside to attend workshops conducted by me, Ron, and many visiting authors and illustrators. We will start with one and two day workshops, with the option of over-night accommodation arranged for the two day workshops, and plan to hold a mini festival involving many different tutors before the end of the year. The photo above is a part of the view from the workshop venue. I sit and look at that every morning when I am having breakfast.

If your dream is to be a published author, make this your year. Our workshops will start at the end of February. A full schedule of workshops by Ron and me is on The Gondor Writers’ Centre website. Workshops by guest authors will be posted as soon as they are confirmed. If our building is not completed in time, we will hold the first one in Kilcoy. To learn more about our workshops go to our website,

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