Great writing tips from a prize winning, published author

 Spires of Kurrong cover front smlToday, Malcolm Wells, author of The Spires of Kurrong, answers some hard questions. His answers give us insight into his writing process and tips for other writers.

Q. Do you have any tips for writers about the writing process or the path to publishing?

A. My only tip would be if you want to write, then just do it. Join a writers group with like-minded people and get feedback and support.

Q. What are the greatest obstacles you’ve experienced on your writing journey?

A. Having so many other interests as well. In the past, I could never find enough time to write, especially when I was running my own business.

Q. What do you love most about writing books?

A. Seeing my words in print.

Q. What advice would you have for anyone wanting to write a book in your genre?

A. Read what other people are writing in your chosen genre. Find your own voice and don’t try to imitate a favourite author. I once made that mistake trying to write stories in the style of H P Lovecraft, a master of the horror story genre.

Q. Other than writing, what else do you love?

A. Photography. Playing Golden Oldies rugby. Environmental issues. Gardening.

Q. What were you in a past work life (if anything) before you became a writer?

A. I began my working life as a glazier, then moved to management in the trade. I moved to managing a computer training company for a family member. I then began work in the Bush Regeneration/conservation field. When I retired, I was running my own company in Bush Regeneration.

Q. Describe your perfect day.

A. Write for four or five hours in the morning. Take a walk on the beach or in nearby bushland. Take plenty of wildlife or landscape photos. Spend the evening uploading photos, editing them.

Q. What five words best sum you up?

A. Inquisitive – dedicated – loyal – hyper-active – content

To read the first chapter of The Spires of Kurrong go to


For many generations the people of the spires believed they were the only living human race left on their planet. They had been told that Daemons had inhabited the planet surface and driven their ancestors into the domed cities. When Markus and Filona fall in love, they break the strict laws of the domes. Markus is son of the Prefect of Alpha Dome, Filona an innkeepers daughter and their union is forbidden.

The couple flee to the planet surface, despite thoughts of the dangers they might face. What they find there will astound them. The decisions they make for their future will have a dramatic effect on the whole planet.

Book Information:

TITLE: The Spires of Kurrong

AUTHOR: Malcolm Wells

ISBN: 978-0-9942463-1-8

FORMATS: Paperback and eBook

EXTENT: 244 pages

AU RRP: eBook: $4.99

Paperback: $20.00

PUBLISHER: Morris Publishing Australia

CATEGORY: Sci Fi/fantasy

AUDIENCE:  Young Adult


Morris Publishing Australia –

Paperback and eBook available on Morris Publishing’s website, Amazon and many online stores. 

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