How do you create realistic fantasy worlds?

stephen KingDid you ever wonder how Stephen King, J. R. R. Tolkien, J K Rowlings or award-winning Marianne de Pierres created the amazing worlds in their books? These and other successful fantasy writers found the magic to create realistic fantasy worlds, but they didn’t find it in a book. They spent many hours working out what worked best.

Creating your fantasy world means building a world based upon reality and making sure that your reader knows the rules of that world. Your characters must remain true to those rules throughout your story. For your readers to accept and continue reading your story, they have to believe in your world and accept what is happening to your characters.

J R. R. Tolkien begins his Lord of the Rings series with The Hobbit, by creating a world so real that it has become a classic upon which so many others are based. Tolkien brought us Middle-earth and the lovable hobbits, with incredible description and attention to details. The story contains all the elements hobbit coverof a traditional fantasy with a bumbling hero, an enchanted talisman, dark magic versus the good wizard, and, of course, the quest.

How do you go about creating a reality that readers will accept as readily? There are several things to take into consideration. Your setting must be believable. If magic is involved, you should define the rules of magic and stick with them throughout your tale. Characters should dress appropriately for the period of your story as well as use weapons appropriate to your world.

Peacemaker coverBut there is much more to learn to get right. Take a short-cut in your learning process and get it right the first time. Aurealis award-winning author Marianne de Pierres is willing to share her secrets at the Gondor workshop on May 30th.

On May 31st she will show you how to effectively research and what to put in and what to leave out. You can choose to do both days, or just one.

Get a group of your fantasy and science fiction writer friends together and come to Gondor for a fun and informative weekend.

Can’t make it on the day? Skype in instead. You will still be able to ask Marianne questions and take part in the day.

Phone 54 981 332 to book or go to our bookings page, fill in our form and choose your payment method.

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