Characters are one of the most important elements in a good story. Think about the last book you read that stayed in your mind for days. What did you remember the most? Was it the setting, the story, or the main characters? For me it is always the characters. And they are just as important in a short story or poem as are in a novel. If your characters are not real and memorable, your story will fall flat.   Many writers make the mistake of having characters who are too similar to each other and not well enough developed. Humans are not the same; we are multidimensional beings.
Developing your characters so well that you know them as well as you know yourself is vital. Not only does it make it easy to write, but it also makes it much more interesting for your reader. A well-developed character jumps off the page and into the heart and/or mind of your reader, and makes them want to stay with the story until the end.
What do you need to make this happen? There are so many important things to learn. In the Gondor Writers’ Centre two day intensive character workshop, we teach you how to make your characters unique and memorable. This workshop examines the many personality types we meet and shows you how to portray them effectively. For crime and mystery writers, the character workshop includes an examination of criminal types and what drives them to commit crimes.
Workshop: Creating Memorable Characters. Tutor: Elaine Ouston Sat, July 25th and 26th, 10am to 4pm  2 day intensive workshop. Course cost: $100

Accommodation:  As our accommodation is not yet ready, accommodation is available at the nearby Kilcoy Motel for those who wish to stay over. You can have a look at their rooms on their website

Optional extras: For two day workshops, we would love our attendees to stay around for a social gathering after the Saturday workshop, so we have decided to offer a Barbeque dinner on the Saturday night. A light lunch will also be available both days.

Full weekend package: Includes 2 day workshops, lunch two days, evening meal at Gondor Saturday night and accommodation at the Kilcoy Motel:

For more information go to Book now: Phone 07 54 981 332 or go to the bookings page to book

CAN’T MAKE IT ON THE DAY? Now you have 2 alternatives. Skype in or go to an online video conference page and join in a live workshop.
Our first Skype session went off without a hitch. The attendee was happy with her experience and the knowledge she obtained. The only thing she said was that she was a little lonely and wished she could have been here to share the experience with others. We have a solution. Gather a couple of writing friends at your place and Skype in or video conference together. Each person would have to pay for their place, but if there are 3 or more the discount would apply.
Please indicate when you book that you want to be linked by Skype or video conference. For Skype, send us your Skype profile. For video conference we will send you the link after you book. Limited numbers, so book early. You will be sent the worksheets and notes so you can participate along with the attending students.
You can still enter our competition. For Skype participants, your 15 minute evaluation will be on Skype, and for Video Conference participants, your consultation can be by Skype or phone.

For more information go to Book now: Phone 07 54 981 332 or go to the bookings page to book

AUGUST 8th & 9th: Charmaine Clancy, popular  children’s author, is also an  indie publisher, workshop presenter and co-coordinator of   the yearly Rainforest Writing Retreat. With a focus on improving literacy in young people, Charmaine’s books are aimed at reluctant readers and have proven extremely popular, receiving 5 star reviews and experiencing strong sales. She posts advice and news for writers at

Charmaine’s workshop: Writing Scary Stories. Crank up the tension and suspense in your horror writing. Whether you write fun spooky tales for kids, gothic ghost stories, or gory horror, there are essential elements to every good scary story. Learn how to plan, plot and create suitably spooky settings, creepy characters and suspenseful situations for a story to rival Lovecraft. You’ll also find out where the best markets are for your scary stories. Workshop cost; $160.
Full weekend package: $300 with share accommodation in 3 bedroom cabin. $320 if single motel room accommodation.

August 15th: Tutor Ron Day   Business writing:   * Newsletters – Reports   * Work rules – processes and   procedures * Job descriptions * Job applications * Cvs Those working in a business and those who would like to secure a position, need to be able to write in a positive manner that others, employers or customers, will understand and relate to. This workshop will help you develop the skills to become a polished communicator.

Course cost: $50

August 29th & 30th: Tutor Elaine Ouston Strengthening your writing:

The use of word pictures, metaphors and similes, show not tell, and the ability to create rising tension are all important tools. How to use these tools to create your masterpiece is covered in this workshop. Two day intensive.

Competition: Send through the first 20 pages of your manuscript (any genre) by August 20th.

Course cost: $100

For more information go to Book now: Phone 07 54 981 332 or go to the bookings page to book

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