Lara’s Story

Lara’s Story by Dianne Merrill Wigginton

I had the pleasure of being asked to review this gripping tale.

Lara’s Story is a heartwarming story of triumph over adversity. It follows the life of Lara from her poor but happy upbringing through the death of her mother, the betrayal by the person she loved most and the trails that followed as she was forced to live on the streets.

The character, Lara and the time period where the story is set has been well researched and portrayed. Her strength of personality shines through. No matter what life throws at her she fights back and keeps going, searching for a better life. It is hard not to admire this character and want to read on to make sure she gets out of the danger she often finds herself in. Then, just when think she has found a safe life, disaster strikes again.

The author has woven Lara’s life into an interesting, hard to put down story. She has also given information and insight into the problems of the era and the place in which the first part of the story is set, Ireland in early 1800.

A great read. You can find out more about the book and the author at:


Shattered by heartbreak

“When a heart breaks, it does not break evenly, cleaving in half exactly down the middle.”

Surrounded by her large, boisterous family in 1840s Ireland, Lara Flannigan has never known anything but love and belonging—until the day tragedy strikes, leaving her abandoned and forced into indentured servitude.

Remade in a new world. 

Just when all hope seems lost, Lara is discovered by a childless American couple, visiting Ireland to aid in the famine-relief effort. With barely a chance to look back, she’s swept away to a bustling new continent—and a dizzying new reality. One of petticoats, opulent townhouses, and the cold reaches of Philadelphia high society. Desperate for a future, Lara works tirelessly to fit into her new life… while still haunted by a past that won’t let her go.

Set in a fascinating historical period, Lara’s Story is a gripping young adult novel that explores the strength of the human spirit and the power of forgiveness to heal a broken heart.

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