Review of Across the Stonewind Sky and other news

The main reason for my post is to review a great self-published book by Ged Maybury. Check it out below. Other news at the end of the post.


Captain Rodney Hoverrim is about to embark on a daring mission to further the Glorious British Empire; he was going to go through the Stormwall of Arkorvarste. Unexpectedly accompanied by the dashing Lady Romarny, Rodney is barely prepared for the world of adventures that lie waiting for him. In a world most unlike his own, Rodney must deal with mad scientists, insane kings, and resist the temptations of too many sexy pirate damsels to count.





If you’re looking for a rollicking good Steampunk story, check out Ged Maybury’s Across the Stonewind Sky. You’ll get lost in an adventure high above the earth with the adorable but slightly staid (he is British you know) and bumbling Captain Rodney Hoverrim. The setting and the flying machines have been well thought out and are as believable as fantasy has to be. The story has all the ingredients needed to keep us hooked. The female characters are strong warrior types (for the girls) and (for the boys) half nude most of the time – even the insane and evilest of them. The male characters are either totally insane bullies, just plain evil or controlled by the females, except for our dashing hero Rodney, of course. (So close to reality – just joking) The other worlds are interesting. The plot is engaging, well planned, and flows beautifully. This is a journey full of (in Ged’s words) ‘the beating wings of ten thousand Vangerwasps, corsets and cummerbunds, the heaving breath of woman and man, the roar of steam’, but it also contains romance, political intrigue and action. Do yourself a favour and buy it. If you love Steampunk fantasy you will love this book.

The competition entries are flowing in and we are excited at the quality. Choosing the winners will be difficult. But we still need more so get your entry in soon. I now have a couple of eBooks to publish. One that I am very excited about, but more about that later.

Don’t forget to check out Ged’s book.

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  1. karenwrites19Karen
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 19:06:18

    Congrats Elaine and Ged, Fabulous interview. Can’t wait to read Stonewind

    Ged, when does the song/ video come out??



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